School Introduction

The School of Software was founded in April 2009 according to requirements and standards about the trial running of National Demonstrative Software Schools by the Ministry of Education and the National Development and Reform Commission. The school began to enrol undergraduates in 2009, and more than 530 students have graduated till now.

Abide by the university motto Pursuing Virtue and Knowledge, Seeking Truth and Innovation, School of Software always upholds the triad of teaching idea: moral-first, ability-oriented, innovation-promoted. In accordance with the university’s characteristics of talents cultivation which are deep engineering basis, solid style of work and strong innovation ability, the school pays close attention to teaching quality and learns from the experience abroad, aiming to cultivate leading talents who possess good software development capability, project management competence, creative imagination, team spirit, engineering qualities and international vision. In terms of discipline, School of Software and School of Computer and Information Engineering jointly build software engineering, computer science and technology first-level doctorate license and post-doctoral mobile station. Software engineering has strong discipline support.

Through flexible running mechanism, the school attracts talented people widely and has formed a teaching team composed of full-time teachers, famous teachers at home and abroad, and front-line engineers from enterprise. The diversified, high-level formation of faculty with distinctive practical characteristic fully reflects school’s concept of all round collaborative education and make full use of the deep theoretical foundation of university teachers and rich engineering practice experience of enterprise teachers.

Based on the development of the IT industry, the school has created a brand-new curriculum system and teaching model, and built a distinctive talent training system in software development, digital media and embedded systems. By adopting the CDIO and “3+1” training mode, a spiral ability training system which is “learning-training-re-learning-re-training” has been established. The school attaches great importance to practice and intership, and has set up a 4+12 practice teachingsystem, that is, four-month training for freshmen to juniors, and an internship for seniors for one year, in order to consolidate students' software engineering literacy and make up the gaps between the school and businesses. More than 40 software leading enterprises, including Cisco, iFLYTEK, Tydic, ASIA, Gongda Gaoke, Guochuang Software, Yusys Technologies and etc. are school’s fixed internship bases. Besides, the school also built innovation practice bases in campus like “Jinshan Software Club”, “Big Data and Medical Health” and “Program Design and Algorithms”.

In recent years, our students have made outstanding achievements in innovation and entrepreneurship and won more than 100 awards at the provincial level and above. In 2017, we won the gold medal in International Genetically Engineered Machine competition (iGEM), the Top Ten in the 2nd National Contest of Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Smart Manufacturing (Made in China 2025), 2 first prizes in the 20th National Robot and Artificial Intelligence Competition, 2 outstanding projects the National Human-Computer Interaction Conference (CHCI 2017) Human-Computer Interaction and Artificial Intelligence Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition. The employment rate of undergraduates reached 97.7%, and the level of employers and salaries increased year by year. Generally speaking, the school forms a good reputation in society.

Looking forward to the future, the school has formulated the overall goal of “being a bigger and stronger software school” and put forward the development thoughts of “building a capable team, educating outstanding talents, promoting software engineering disciplines, expanding international exchanges, and establishing school culture”. The faculty and the students of the school are working hard for building a high-level software school with distinctive characteristics. Not imagining, not scorning, and the school is marching towards the 13th Five-Year Plan step by step.